Kyrra Group is a digital holding uniting more than 7 innovative projects.

Kyrra aims to create a single ecosystem encompassing finances, IT, marketing, education, healthcare, service industry and many others.

Partners of the holding receive unlimited growth opportunities.


One of the main interests of the Kyrra group is Blockchain technology.

Blockchain is changing the world rapidly. It transforms the financial sector, insurance, IT, healthcare, logistics. International holdings and even such countries as USA, Great Britain, Switzerland and UAE are actively implementing this technology.

Reports from leading consulting companies PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) and Deloitte show that more and more businesses invest in Blockchain and affiliated technologies.

Kyrra Capital venture fund together with Instatec developed their own blockchain called Kyrra. All the projects of the group operate on this blockchain.


Read: Deloitte report on the Blockchain technology.


Read: PWC report on the Blockchain technology

Kyrra Capital
Kyrra Capital venture fund invests into the early stage startups. Kyrra Capital provides startups with full support: legal and financial resources, marketing, PR, connections and knowledge, necessary for the successful development and subsequent ICO. Kyrra Capital also works with investors who want to profit from innovations and share Kyrra’s worldview and values. Investors receive a possibility to minimize the risks and to be one of the first to profit from the promising projects.
Kripta is an investment and financial platform for those who want to invest in cryptocurrencies easily and safely without prior knowledge of cryptocurrencies. Kripta is a simple and affordable tool for novice investors who came to the cryptocurrency market for the first time. The world experience of such systems and the mentality of the target audience were taken into account while developing Kripta.
Mentor Club is an educational project for young people from Central Asia. The main goal of MentorClub is to provide education at universities in Eastern and Western Europe, the USA, Canada and China. Project’s main feature is the constant support of students throughout the entire period of study, assistance in training, courses, tours for students, help in obtaining a visa and employment after graduation.
Global payment system.Multicurrency wallet with the possibility of free conversion of cryptocurrency into fiat money and vice versa, issuing MasterCard/VISA payment cards and interest-free transfers within the system.
Blockchain based cryptocurrency exchange is a trading platform for cryptocurrency. The platform's algorithms are built on a hundred-year experience of classic stock exchanges, taking into account innovative solutions, blockchain technology and smart contracts to ensure the exchange's transparency and reliability.
International IT company specializing on development and implementation of Blockchain solutions, AI (Artificial Intelligence), IoT, AR (Augmented Reality). Company's offices are situated in San Francisco and Kyiv.


Instatec BlockChain&ICO. turnkey projects based on BlockChain
and ICO.
Instatec Mobile. turnkey mobile apps.
Instatec Development. full range of development services.
Instatec Design. full range of design services.
Instatec Ventures. technological projects and startup incubator.
Instatec Academy. high-quality IT education.
PULLR is an international communication agency that provides high-quality PR and marketing for startups, technology projects and business owners. PULLR helps increase the projects' investment attractiveness and assists them in search for an investor.

Another direction of PULLR's work is creation and adjustment of the image of venture funds and private investors, guaranteeing them a strong presence in the information field.


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Road Map
  • Kyrra Capital The venture fund is launched. Five projects are taken into development: KyrraBlockchain, MentorClub, Kripta, KyrraPay, KyrrEx.
  • Kyrra Blockchain Private blockchainKyrra is created.
  • MentorClub The project is launched. First five offices opened: Tashkent, Bukhara, Termez (Uzbekistan), Kharkov (Ukraine), Prague (Czech Republic). More than 100 students have already enrolled into prestigious universities with the help of Mentor Club.
  • Kripta Beta version is launched. Implemented functionality: cryptocurrency wallet, instant cryptocurrency transfers between users, system of charging bonuses for the balance, selection of a bonus program, purchase of crypto portfolios.
  • KyrraPay Beta version of the payment system is launched.
    Planned features:
    • Simple and user-friendly interface makes using the wallet as convenient as possible and ensures the speed of all the transactions
    • Instant exchange of cryptocurrency into fiat money and vice versa, and also between different cryptocurrencies at the exchange rate of the partner’s exchange with high liquidity. Online access to the Market Depth.
    • Deposit and withdrawal from a personal wallet using different fiat payment systems and cryptocurrency
    • Issue of VISA/MasterCard plastic and internet cards
    • Payments on the Internet and POS terminals through the application or a card
    • Prioritized automatic conversion when paying via wallet or card
    • Legality of transactions guaranteed by the KYC and AML procedure during registration
    • Transactions without commission within the wallet network in both cryptocurrency and fiat money
    • Deposit programs for a stable income on the balance
  • KyrrEx Launch of a cryptocurrency exchange with jurisdiction in Malta. The possibility of legal transfer of fiat money for both legal entities and individuals. The exchange has four platforms: a web platform for novice users, a professional platform for traders and institutional users, and also platforms for bots and AI.

Farrukh Kiyamov


A crypto-enthusiast, financier, and a business angel. Born into a family of financiers. Earned his first big capital on the stock exchange, trading in crypto-assets. Seeing how the future of the world economy lies in Blockchain technology, he decided to invest and develop Blockchain technology all around the world, including Uzbekistan.
Believes in a win-win philosophy in business and relationships with partners.

The turning points in history are always a chance for talented and far-sighted people who can put new technologies in their service.
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Almaty, Kazakhstan
A private presentation was held for investors in Almaty, Kazakhstan. The event was attended by over 100 investors and businessmen from different countries.
Dubai, OAE
In November Kyrra Group will hold another presentation for investors in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.Watch for the announcements.
Presentation of the KyrraGroup for investors in Singapore is scheduled for the end of December. Watch for the announcements.

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